The intersection

In a moments time people can be taken from you, and there are no rewind buttons. There is no such invention as time travel, but wouldn't it be nice. Tomorrow is never promised so keep you peace with those you hold important in your life. I often play similar scenarios in my head to the one I'm about to share. Wondering how what words will be spoken of my absence. I wonder what changes I will make if I survive. I wonder who will miss me and who won't. So I decided to write a little exercise about

As the two cars enter the intersection neither one of them have a clue their lives are about to change forever.

Car one

A  woman age thirty six, on her way home from work to her fourteen year old daughter. It was a hectic day, one of those days you wish you could do over again in a different way. As she woke for the morning her mood was angry, and she debated on getting up or not. She hadn't heard from her boyfriend in three days, and this weekend was coming up on her six month anniversary. Although most people wouldn't celebrate six short months, she had been waiting her whole life for him.

The one who stole her heart with just a smile. The last 10 years of her life had been hard, but she managed to keep her head above water. She managed to get tangled with a man who was unfaithful to her, and she later had his child. She also raised a child he produced with another woman. Her love of family kept her in this emotionally abusive situation until she had enough. She was banned  by the new girlfriend to ever see the child she raised for five years. She felt more sorrow for the little girl, who had only ever known her to be her mother.

She and her daughter stayed with friends until she got her own tiny one bedroom apartment, and she made it home. With the help of good friends and family she learned life on her own. She became stronger over time, but she was still lonely. She went through life with only one wish, and that was her daughters happiness. As time went on she began to yearn for a companion, someone to call her own. She tried to go out and meet people, but it only ended in a drunken night of loneliness. Eventually she got tired of feeling sorry for herself, and she decided to do something about it. The pregnancy had caused her to put on weight, and so she got healthy and lost the weight. She started to look at life more positively, and things seemed better.

As her daughter got older, she felt taken for granted. She realized she was using her daughter as an excuse not to date. So she realized it was time for her to have happiness in her life again. As her daughter was old enough to do things on her own.

Then one day out of the blue, she looked at him and she knew. Even though he was the best friend of her best friend, she wanted to know him. She saw something in him. So over time her crush grew explosive, and finally one day she took a chance. The relationship was not perfect, as she was his first girlfriend. Being from two different upbringing's made things difficult, and they had to keep a secret to most. But she became to love him, flaws and all. Though he wasn't great at showing it , he loved her too. They taught each other things, and helped one another see things they couldn't see before.

And so here I am, and as I was saying......

It had been three days since we spoke and I was feeling a little hurt, but I jumped out of bed and headed to the gym anyway. At the gym my mind wandered as it always did there. I was my safe heaven a place I could do all my thinking. I know he is faithful to me, and he has growing up to do. So I tried not to be to mad, but he has to learn some structure. He has to learn to consider other people's feeling are effected by the actions surrounding them. He can't just disappear, whether it's in innocence or not. I need to be in the loop, that's how any relationship works. I didn't want to keep thinking of it, so I planned on talking to him later tonight.

As I was returned home to get ready for work I noticed the messy kitchen my daughter ha left. I had to get on her a lot lately about helping around the house, and picking up after herself so it was no surprise when I saw the dishes in the sink. I just huffed and headed to the bathroom to shower, and I find hair all over the sink. I storm out to the living room, where my daughter was sleep on the couch. Already angry, I unload on her about her mess. After a few more words I get into the shower. I finish getting ready and head to work.

All day I have a horrible headache, and I feel bad about yelling at my daughter. I had planned on sitting down and talking to her when I got home. I was going to apologize and suggest a movie night. I was still upset about her lack of help, but I went about it the wrong way. I still hadn't heard from my boyfriend, and everyone at work was on my case.

When quitting time approached I was eager to get to my car. I got situated and exited the parking lot, and I was feeling a little more relaxed. I took a deep breath as I was approaching the last intersection before I make it home safely. My phone rings and I look down to the seat in lay in. It was my boyfriend, and my eyes were only away from the road for a few seconds.

Car two

A young man age 17, just graduated high school with honors. He was on his way home to celebrate with his family. His mother has cancer and her time is limited. Her last wish was to see her only son graduate.  He had his whole life ahead of him.

He was excepted into all the top colleges, and he was eager to start a new chapter in his life. He and his high school sweetheart planned on attending the same college, and getting an apartment together. They had an argument the night before, and he wanted to surprise her with some flowers. He was going to meet up with her later over dinner to apologize and ask her to marry him.

His life had been pleasant and peaceful. He had everything he needed growing up, and never went without. One would say his life was close to perfect. Aside from his ill mother. He had a disagreement with his father in the morning over something silly. He had planned on apologizing as soon as he got home.

He was nearing his last intersection,  before he made his drive home from his last day of high school. His phone rang and he looked down to the seat in lay in. It was his girlfriend, and his eyes were only away from the road for a few seconds. 


Before either one of them could react, the cars hit head on. Neither one of them survived the crash. Their phone calls went unanswered as did the questions of those they were survived by.

Life is to short, say what you mean while you can. Love hard, laugh often, and forgive always.

The End

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