When The World Flooded

June 6


 My mom suggested I start keeping a journal for historical reasons. Me and my sister Helen are both keeping journals

to track the days that are trickling by. So let me give you a summary of what is going on. The world started to

flood because of global warming. The government provided ships to save people. But, there could only be 3 per family on

a ship. So my dad said he would catch the next ship. But as the ship sailed away with my Mom and my Sister, and a bunch

of strangers. The floodwall broke and the water rushed in to claim lives, including my Dad's. So here we are weeks

on a ship sailing to who knows where. Almost everyone on the ship is grieving. It is a sad place to be right now, but at least we are alive.


June 7


They have started giving us jobs to do around the ship, to help with the upkeep. Most people got cleaning duty. But, I got

compass cleaner. So, I clean the compasses they use for navigation. It is pretty boring but it is better than cleaning the bathrooms.


June 9


People even after a couple of days are getting tired of eachother. There has already been a few fights. This place is way too

packed, it gets annoying to rub your shoulder against someone else every five seconds. This journal is starting to become a source of sanity.


June 15


Thing are getting bad. There have be two fights today and it isn't even 10:00 am yet. People have started to leave the

ship using barges, which are like smaller versions of the ship we are on. I thought about going to, but then I

remember my family. I can't leave them here. Mom said she wants us to stay on the ship here. So I don't argue, but that doesn't

mean I agree.


June 17


I got in a fight today. It was with this guy who was yelling at my Sister about her being lazy. She is only 10 years old I mean

really, douch. Anyway I came up and told him to shut up. The first thing he does it, he turns and pushes my poor little sister

down like he owns her. That is when I blew a fuse and punched him is this stomach. He fell over clutching his stomach. I picked up my Sister and carried her away. She was crying. When my Mom asked what happened, I told her what that guy did and what I did.

I could see the disappointment in her eyes, but later she told me I had done the write thing. She said we had to stick together.


June 18


I woke up and found my Mom going out the door to do her daily tasks. I got up too, but left Helen to sleep a little longer.

So I went to clean the compasses, but the Captain stopped me.

He told me he wanted to teach me something, so I followed him into his cabin. There I spent the whole day learning how to navigate and sail a ship. It was pretty cool.


June 19


We left the ship, but without Mom. She died in a fight. A huge brawl burst forth on the main deck and she tried to stop it but got in the middle of it. So when a guy pulled out a knife, it stabbed my Mother. Helen, poor Helen, teared up like she was holding back tears. The man looked sorry for what he had done, but that didn't stop me. I charged at the man and knocked him over. He yelped in pain. I came crashing down on him with my fist, just like the ocean. I was mercless,  all I could think about was my dead mother. I saw red, through the eyes of a demon. I kept hitting him over and over. He tried to fight back, but I felt no pain from his punches. Someone threw in a hammer, and I ended him. Even now I don't feel guilty. Am I still human I wonder sometimes, but then I remember my rage. Then I think, I would do it again if I had too. So after the killed him I ran to Helen and told her to follow me. We ran below deck to get on a bardge, we couldn't stay here anymore. The guards on board, were already comeing to get us. Where were they ealier during that fight. Instantly I hated every last one of them.


June 22


Still don't feel guilty. Helen isn't talking much either. I found the food stash on the barge, so at least we have food.


June 30


Been a while but nothing has happened until now. We have spotted another ship but they got hit by a whale. I guess the underwater mammals are also affected by this flooding. We save all that we can, but it is no more that four. One a girl Helen's age so that’s good she might make a friend. Everyone assumes I'm captain for some reason, but I'm not complaining.


June 31


Helen is finally talking some more, it makes me happy.  First thing she said to me that wasn't a yes or no was, He deserved it. I smiled she understands vengeance, then I frowned, oh no she understands vengeance. I'm not ready for this parenting stuff yet but here I am, being a full time babysitter for my sister.


July 12


The weather is getting colder and colder. I think it is a good sign though. It means the predicted ice age is coming. That means land, well ice to stand on. People can finally rebuild society.


July 15


We found parkas to wear outside, yes it is that cold. The people on the ship are getting ancy. I try my best to keep them in check.


July 16


First ice has appeared.


July 25


The ice age is in full swing now, and we made it this far so I think we are going to make it the rest of the way too. But that is still a long way to go.

The End

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