Don't Leave Me...

As I wandered, a screaching filled my head, and a crash. I pin pointed Ethan's location, and found him, unconscious, in the wreckage of the train. I screeched, like the train. 

I dived in, and looked around, under the haze. I found him. I knelt beside him. So still...

I slid my hands under him, and began to pull him towards the exit.I yanked the door open, and popped my head out. Only a little girl, climbing onto the platform, was there.

I pulled Ethan out, pulling him slowly onto the platform. He lay there, in the dim lights. He was a little bloody, but nothing mayjor. I went back, and pulled the little girl's mother out. The girl ooked round, to see her mother and her savior laying on the platform.

She cries over her mother, as I stroked Ethan's sweaty hair. I lay beside him, wrapping my arms round him. My sobs were mingled with that of the little girl's. Solid, wet tears dripped from my face. They fell onto Ethan's face, making it shimmer.

"Don't leave me..." I whispered. I looked at his beautiful face. "Don't leave me. Please don't leave. I'll do anything." I sobbed, almost silently. I knew I wouldn't be able to, but I leaned over him, and gently lowered my lips to his. I didn't go through him.  How? Then, he started to stir. I pulled away quickly, as he opened his eyes.

I placed my hand on his arm. He gave a weak smile. I reached to put my arm over him, but he clamped my hand onto his heart. With his other hand, he touched his finger to his lips, looking at me questioningly. I gulped.

"Crap. Now I'm in trouble."

The End

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