Ellie: 911 Emergency?

During that moment, I started to panic. I was shaking, only Jerry's hand keeping me safe. 

"I knew this wasn't a good idea! I knew we shouldn't have been coming down here! And now another train is going to come and we're trapped and we're going to die down here and so are innocent people! And-"

"Ellie. Calm down everything's going to be okay." he kissed my hair. I nodded once and looked around. 

"Come on let's just, see if we can find a way out." we walked forward over things to find a closed door. Jerry managed to hit it down with a stiff kick, so we got through and into the train to find bodies of everyone there, fire burning in small places and people with bruises and cuts all over them. 

I saw a girl crying. Her mother lay beside her unconscious, I stopped, pulling Jerry back. 

"Ellie we don't have time-"

"Yes we do." I picked her up. 

After that, we ran all of the way up through the train, jumping over smashed and broken things for our life's. Running past the fire, running past the hurt, running with only the energy we had left. Finding the last door by the train guards cabin, we jumped out of it, jumping onto the top of the train and over the fire, then through the tunnel back to the station. 

It was still empty, the way it was before. 

"Take her. I'll call the ambulance, fire brigade and police." I handed Jerry the girl and took out my mobile. Within a few seconds they picked up.

"911 emergency?" a woman called. I shakily shouted back down to her through the phone.

"Me and my boyfriend are at the subway station and we've just seen a train crash. We don't know how it crashed or anything but things are on fire and people are locked inside unconscious. We have a little girl here and her mother is trapped inside. If you don't get here quick enough people could die." 

The woman paused at my quick ramble. 

"We're on our way." 

The End

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