Trapped! - Jerry

"What can I do about moving?" Ellie asked me. I looked back at her beautiful eyes, and I sighed.
"I have no idea, Ellie. I'm sorry." I told her.
"I dunno either." She replied. I quickly leaned over to her and pecked her on the lips.
"Let's go down to the subway!" I exclaimed, suddenly. Ellie turned to me, with a surprised expression on her face, but she agreed.
"Umm, ok then."
And so we skipped away, holding hands, happy as ever, straight into our demise.

We were standing on the platform, just thinking, together.
It was quiet. Oh so quiet, and empty.
I turned, looked at the tunnel which the trains speed out of, and made a descision.
Pulling Ellie along, I walked down the tunnel, after checking for giant metal trains.
We reached a little indent in the wall, big enough for us to sit down in, without being hit by trains.
I pressed Ellie against the wall, and we kissed passionatly, sending pleasure straight through me.
Suddenly, there was a terrific noise.
There was a train coming.
The wind picked up, and played havoc with our hair.
The rails started to rattle, and as a blur, it rushed past us.
We weren't bothered, and we kissed ever more passionatly, until there was an incredible shrieking ahead, and a massive crash, and explosion noises.
"Ok, what was that?!" Ellie shouted, pulling away.
"I think, that the train just crashed."
We ran ahead, to discover what had happened.
There, crumpled and battered, in several pieces and in places on fire, was the train, blocking our only exit for several miles.
We were trapped.

The End

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