Ellie: I'm Making the Most of the Time I Have Left

I approached Jerry, touching him gently on the shoulder. 

"What are you doing?" he turned around at my touch. 

"I was just-" he turned back to look at an empty space, I think it was meant to be a person. 

"Don't worry. Look, I know it's not good. But it won't hurt anyone..." he chuckled.

"What now?" then he took my hand. I lent up onto my toes so my lips reached his ear, smelling strong sweet shampoo and the mint of his breath. 

"Let's ditch." I gave a grin and he smiled back. 

The day was too sunny to go to waist, now that it was approaching summer, the holidays would be soon. But...i'd be moving. 


Me and Jerry sat in the woods behind school where the cross country running was. We'd be seeing Julianna running soon because she was the athletic, pretty, sporty person. We were leant up against a tree, the exact spot where Jerry slapped me. 

I shook the the thought out of my head, making it a lost memory and looked up at Jerry. 

"Jerry, what can I do about moving?" 

The End

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