Ally, Jade, Laura

Three people who had been ripped away from love. Why us? Why would anyone do this? Laura's dead may have been an acident. Ally was poisoned just after me.

Laura, Ally, Jade

How are we connected? I could see nothing, nothing at all. I returned to Ethan's house. Nothing...

Jade, Laura, Ally

Who would do this? What connection? Click.

My heart beat, metephorically, quickened. I shook my head. I floated out of the house, to my home, where my body still sat, locked away in my room,  everything exactly where it was. I frowned, and gulped. That hadn't been there before.

A necklace was fastened round my body's neck. A silver chain. With a pendant. I shook my head, and drifted to the graveyard. I dipped into the ground of Ally's grave. The same necklace was fastened round her neck, as I looked at her pale form in the dark coffin. I shook my head once more. I went to Laura's grave. The same necklace was around her still, cold body. 


That was it. That was the connection. The necklaces. All the same. Silver chains, with a single silver letter.


But why? They weren't there when they were buried, surely? Someone was playing a very clever, and very twisted game. And I had a hunch who was next.

The End

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