Author Guidance

This is not part of the story, it is a guidance that is help for writers in this who haven't written in a while and for new writers coming into the story. (:

Ally (written by Hummingbird) - Ziltch. Gone. Dead. 

Jerry (written by Misfit) - A handsome young boy who had a strong liking for Ally until she died, and now has fallen in love with another young girl named Ellie, who acts extremely like Ally before she died. Jerry is currently asleep on his sofa.

Ellie (written by Hummingbird) - A girl around 15-16. In love with Jerry. Looks and acts exactly like Ally before she died. Currently sits in Jerry's kitchen after talking with his father Terry. 

Julianna (written by Somebodysangel) - One of Ellie's good friends. Generally quite happy, in love with a boy called Nick. Currently at home? 

Nick (written by Sean) - Another one of Ellie and Jerry's friends. Handsome, sporty. in love with Julianna, and is currently at her house with her?

Amy/Jade (written by Uberevilangel) - A dead character, but comes back as a ghost occasionally. Is heaven?

Ethan (written by Tigerwolf) - thought he murdered Ally but he didn't. Is now quite a good friend of everyone. Is slightly mad in the head and is currently...

Terrance (written by weridmagic) - Is a teenage boy, relatively new to the story, and is currently sitting in the canteen. 

Detective Alder (written by Georgia Amanda) - A 30-40 year old man. Quite scruffy. Is the detective of Ally's death. Is currently at home after speaking with Nick about Ally's death. 

Teacher (written by Anna's) - one of Ally's teachers. Mid 30's. Quite pretty but single. Currently at school. 

Ally's sister (written by RoseKathryns) - Ally's older sister, a bit of a punk rock girl. was very close to her sister before she died. Currently at home. 


The End

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