The cafeteria is my own personal spider-web and I am ensnared..!!

The linoleum floor reflects back my face as I sit in a corner of the school cafeteria, waiting for Ally. My hair is ragged and unkempt and my lips pulled down in a frown. I don't know what's taking so long. Usually Ally is one of the first people to come scrambling out of class, obviously surrounded by her regular posse of friends. But it has been 6 minutes and 20...21...22...seconds already and there is no sign of her.

My brother is better now and back home from the hospital. It has been 4 days since that night. It has been 4 long days and I haven't set my eyes on my graceful Ally. Although we did talk in the morning while I was getting ready for school, and of course she smiled at my feeble attempts at making my hair stay in place, but I still feel like something's amiss. I am yet to hear the giggle that is uniquely hers and her scent seems to be fading like a far-off memory. Maybe I knocked my head in the shower this morning, but I seem to be having trouble recalling the exact shade of the scarf she was wearing the last time I walked with her to school. I am scared that if I don't see her soon enough, she may begin to blur from my mind.

I tap my fingers on the table, not really noticing the food-laden tray before me, my thoughts and actions completely eclipsed by only one person. Ally. I don't know her friends' names and neither do I care, but today I can't really see any of them around. Something must have happened. There must be a reason.

It has been 8 minutes and 14...15...16 seconds and Ally is still not here. I am beginning to get a little antsy. She should have been here by now. She knows that we sit across from each other every day. And she knows that I always begin to have my lunch when she starts with hers. She knows that I never leave the cafeteria until she has eaten and left with her friends. I don't know why she is tormenting me in this way.

I may have to tell her how I feel about her carelessness tonight when we meet in my room as usual. And then I'm sure she will be apologetic and smile at me with her angelic smile. And then I know I will be lost. But until then, I am still waiting, and I will continue to do so....Come soon my Ally. I miss you.

The End

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