I will miss the afternoons we spent together...

Everyday we walked into school at the same time. Everyday we got out at the same instant. I always walked her home. And she always smiled when she shut the door, never saying goodbye to me.

My life is over. Without Ally my world has stopped rotating. I wish I had been with her that day when she stopped breathing. But no. On the one day that we should have been together, I was in the hospital. My stupid brother had the flu and I had to stand there and act all concerned, when all I was actually thinking about was Ally.

Ally. Oh! Ally. My life. My muse. My best friend. My love.

I am Terrance Philip Michael Drew. I go to the best school in the world. It is the best because Ally used to go there too. Before she betrayed me, and left me alone to waste away. I wish I could follow her wherever it is that she has gone, just like I followed her everyday. Every single day, for the past 4 years and 296 days, my life has circled around Ally.

I still remember her smile, her beautiful brown hair, her perfect teeth and her pretty face. I noticed everything about her. Her scent, her lip-gloss, her shoes, her bracelets, her belts, even the slightest change in hair style. But I don't know if she knew me.

I always talked to her. I didn't care that it was a framed group shot that my words were directed at. The only thing that mattered to me was that she was always smiling at me when I talked to her. She didn't know that she was never alone even when she thought she was. I was always ten paces behind. Beside the water cooler, near the lockers, behind the maple tree across her house. I was always there.

What will I do now? How will I spend those afternoons that I spent talking to her, walking her home, taking her to class. What is my life without Ally and her beautiful smile.

The End

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