Finding the detective

I walked out the door and headed to the school.That was the only place I had known the detective to have been at.It was not a school day but often some teachers are still there or maybe a caretaker.The gates were open when I got there so somebody must be there.I checked at the office to see if they knew of where he was.One of the office workers said they had his address but needed me to explain my reasons to find him.I said it was about ally and they found that enough to let me have the address.

I arrived at his address and instantly thought they had gotten it wrong.The place looked like a dump.The door was old and chipped.The windows were boarded up.The paintwork wasw flaking and vines grew up the walls.I tried the doorbell but(surprise surprise)it wasn't working so I knocked loudly.The detective came to the door and opened it.He was wearing a bathrobe and holding a newspaper.His face was unshaven and he had a bleary eyed look."um..Detective alder?I'd would like to ask a few things about ally".When I said that he straightened up and looked fully awake and invited me in.

The inside of the house was just as bad as the outside:books were thrown around on the floor,I saw at least 3 coffee stains,the inside doors were exactly like the front door and I could go on all day explaining the mess but i'll stop there."so what is it you would like to know"he asked.Here came the hard part."I need to know all about what you know of ally's death,I have crucial information regarding it."I said.I don't think this is what he expected to hear as I saw surprise in his eyes as I said this."well so far my searches have found she was poisoned and that it was from banging her head on the ground that made all the blood."So ethan was right I thought when he said this."Do you know what poison and how it was put into her system?"i asked"well from my research I found it was methanol put into a drink that can act after a few hours and kill the drinker."He explained"now what is this crucial information you have?" "Have you heard of jade?" "no,why would I?" "You should have because Jade was also murdered by poison,2 minutes there and I will ring julliana to see if there is a connection,because if there is,we will have a major breakthrough,a killer still on the loose and possible next targets ." "my my you have been busy"I dialed jullianas number and waited for her to pick up

The End

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