Lost and found

So there we all were lost in a forest for 3 hours looking for ellie who had been lost for 5 hours and nobody had even bothered  to bring a mobile phone.It was pitch black and Jerry looked like he was at the point of cracking."where the heck are we"he said."i dunno"i muttered and was sorry i answered at all as jerry snapped back"Well neither do I, ok" and so on comments were passed back and forth.The whole ordeal was made funnier when jerry walked into a tree.But even this bit of fun was taken away as a roaring argument sprung up among our entire group until ethan shouted out for everyone to stop and we all heard a howl in the distance.

Then i fell over and julliana screamed saying out that something had brushed her leg and i said it was me.I yelled out to see if ellie might hear us."Doesn't anyone have a torch?" Asked Ethan. i suddenly felt kind of awkward realising that my inside pocket had a small torch"Oh, yeah, I do!"I said "Well, why didn't you tell us before, you IDIOT!" Jerry shouted at me."I forgot!" i said.
"ITS PITCH BLACK! WE CAN'T SEE AND WE HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FOR THE PAST, I DON'T KNOW, HOUR?!" he screamed,I took a guess at where jerrys face was and turned the torch on,i got him square in the face and he recoiled then i aimed at the ground and there was ellie bruised and bloody lying on the floor.

me and jerry brought her to her feet holding her up on our shoulders,she was out cold but we decided we had to start in the direction we came and figure out how to get away from the forest.1 hour later ethan exclaimed saying he saw proper light and that we must have found a way out.We hobbled along the last 100 metres and out of the forest at last.the sun was just rising over the horizon as we stepped out of the forest,any onlookers might think we were some teenagers who got drunk in a forest party and were only emerging now.

We started towards the hospital to get ellie checked out to see if she was ok.The doctors told us to go home and get some rest or somethign else while they worked on ellie.I went to julliana and told her that since we were here she should get on with asking jades doctors about the poisoning while i went to find detective alder about ally.It was going to be a long day and i decided i needed a coffee first so i went home,had a coffee and got some stuff together and went out the door.

The End

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