Truth or lies

I was walking to jullianas house when jerry rang hands were cold and numb so it took me a minute to get the phone out of my pocket and look at the caller id.When i saw it was jerry i answered it""Jerry? What's up?" I asked.
"No time to talk, just get yourself to the subway station as fast as you can!" jerry shouted."But Jerry, what...?" "NO TIME, JUST GO!" He screamed, cutting me off mid sentence. "JUST GO!""Alright, I'm going, but you better..." i didn't get to finish as i heard him hang up.

I started running to jullianas house because i knew it must be verry important by the way jerry sounded.We arrived at the subway station about the same time as jerry and ellie.Everyone was there.Then Ethan stepped out of the shadows.When i saw him i glared at him just daring him to say something.

Then he spoke.He told us about the 18th or january when ally died.He told us how he could't wait to kill her,about how he felt.Inside my body i could feel the anger and disgust coursing through to my very core.I couldn't beleive this maniac called us all here just to tell us about his sick fantasies about killing one of our best friends.But then he said she was poisoned.I didn't know what to think of this,whether it was truth or lies to make us forgive him.

But then i remembered something else to do with poison,I racked my brain to find what it was i was remembering..Then i remembered about how jade was poisoned.Could allys and jades killers be the same people?But why?who would want to kill both of them?were anyone of us still targets?I reached out and held onto julliana for fear that she might be next.

We walked back to my house slowly afterwards and i decided to talk to her about my fears of her being poisoned next."do you think ethan was lying or telling us the truth"i asked."I don't know what to think of what he said"she replied" "well,do you remember that jade too was poisoned?" "oh no i had completely forgotten that,do you think it was the same person who killed ally?!" " i think it could be and if it is i am worried that they aren't done yet,i'm scared that you could be next" "I think we should talk to the doctors about jades poisoning and detective alder about allys poisoning to see if there is a connection and if they know what the method of poisoning was" "not a bad idea,ill go talk to detective alder and you can talk to th doctors."

we arrived at the front door and went in,we went up to the bedroom and i sat down on the bed.We stayed up talking then 2 hours later jerry called."i've got a problem"he said"whats happened now?" i asked"ellie said she was going out for a walk about 2 hours ago and she has disappeared.she isn't at her own house or anywhere else i've looked.I think she may have gotten lost in the forest,i need you and julliana to come help me look for her,maybe ethan can help too." "i'll be right there"i replied.We went immediately to look for her but after 3 hours of searching there was no luck and it looked like we might be lost too.

The End

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