Ellie: Do You Not Care?

I gently pushed off Jerry, "Sorry..." I whispered. 

"What you're sorry for kissing me?"

"Yes...it's just. Now's not the time." I shook my head as he rapped his arm around me. 

"I understand." he shrugged. 

"Why am I more upset than you Jerry? Your girlfriend-"

"She wasn't my girlfriend. She didn't love me back the way you do." he interrupted.

"But the girl you loved died and you aren't even upset about it?! You don't even care about who poisoned her?"

"Of course I care. I'd do anything for that girl. And I'll find out who killed her. But i've had my moments already, I've cried for about 6 hours non stop over that girl, so If I cry any more i'll be taking it out on you. And I don't want that." he said and I looked to his front door. 

"I'm going for  walk, be back...soon." I kissed his cheek and walked over to his front door, grabbing my coat and shutting it behind me. I slumped over to the woods he lived opposite. I didn't know my way around them, but how lost could I possibly get?


Ha. That was a understatement. I'd been stumbling around in circles for about 5 hours. I was lost. Pretty damn lost. 

The End

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