I stood with my small army, stood behind Ethan as he told the others. Then, he said she had been poisoned. I froze. Poison. Something was familiar about that...

I had asked Ethan if he'd poisoned me...But he had said no. Poison...

I hadn't known she had been poisoned. I dropped to the floor, and my ghostly friends helped me back up. I didn't die. I was murdered. Poisoned. Most likely by the same person as Ally.But why? What did Ally and I have in common? Why kill her and me?

I had to find out. I find Ally's murderer, I find mine I find mine, I find Ally's. "Ethan. I didn't die. I was poisoned! I was murdered..." I whispered to him. Fresh tears came to his eyes. I watched him leave.

Now, I had to find out who killed us, and what connection Ally and I had. Who might be next...?

The End

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