Shock - Jerry

The shock barreled into me suddenly, knocking me almost senseless. 
Well, at least that was out of the way. We all now knew that Ethan didn't kill Ally.
It was a relief, to say the very very least.
But who did kill Ally? It seems the hunt is still on.

I wandered over to Ethan, while everyone was talking, and in shock.
"Thanks Ethan. Thank you." I told him, quietly.
"Don't talk to me." He said. I could tell that it was hard for him. Incredibly hard. I patted him on the shoulder.
"I'll be seeing you then Ethan. Goodbye." I walked off, as he gave a half hearted reply.

Ellie and I drove back to my place after.
The drive back was in a shocked, stunned silence.
When we got back to my place, we went inside and just sat on the sofa.
A thought suddenly occurred to me as we both sat.
This was the sofa I fell apart and cried my almost everything out when I found out about Ally.
Surprisingly, tears didn't come to me this time.
I turned to Ellie, and opened my mouth to start a conversation, but she just put her finger on my lips, and edged towards me.
She kissed me, and passion flowed through my body.
I pushed closer, kissing more passionately, and we finally gave ourselves to the feeling, disintegrating the shock and pain from the past experience with Ethan.

The End

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