Journey - Jerry

I mouthed the word "run" over the music as the door opened and we sprinted out.
Something serious was up. That I knew. I grabbed my phone and started to furiously dial.
Nick's number. 
"PICK UP THE PHONE!" I screamed to the mobile. 
Nick finally picked up after a painfully long  time waiting.
"Jerry? What's up?" He asked.
"No time to talk, just get yourself to the subway station as fast as you can!" I shouted, out of breath.
"But Jerry, what...?"
"NO TIME, JUST GO!" I screamed, cutting him off. "JUST GO!"
"Alright, I'm going, but you better..." I ended the call, interrupting him.
Ellie and I jumped into the car and headed off as fast as the law allowed us.
During the car ride, I called the others, and ordered them to get to the subway station.
I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was serious.
Ethan wanted to tell us something, and the only time he talked to us was when he was forced, or something was deadly serious.
I gulped at the irony of the phrase "deadly serious" knowing full well the last time Ethan and I conversed was when I attempted to kill myself, roundabouts.
We drove in silence, both knowing that this was incredibly important and not knowing what it was exactly.
We finally arrived at the subway station and jumped out of the car. 
I half dragged Ellie forwards in my attempt to get there in as little time as possible.
We almost dived in, and found everyone there, save for Ethan.
"Now, Jerry, what is all this about?" Nick asked me.
I motioned for him to be quiet, as a figure walked out of the shadows.
It was Ethan.

The End

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