Ellie: Mysterious Drunk Boy...

Me and Jerry ended up going to the cinema and seeing a romantic comedy, then heading over a to restaurant/bar near by. While he went and got the drinks I sat down and watched a drunk man singing karaoke and laughed. 

I looked away and when I looked back a boy sat in front of me. My age, tall, and dirty blonde hair. I raised my eyebrow at him. No where near as good looking as Jerry. 

"You here alone tonight?" His breathe smelt of alcohol I laughed. 

"No, I'm not." 

"Oooh...." his body swayed from left to right, "You got a boyfriend?" I looked back at Jerry waiting with money in his hand and looked back to the boy.

"Yeaah...sort of." 

"I don't believe that." his voice was muffled. 

"What, you don't believe that a girl could enjoy being free and independent?" 

He shook his head, "Are you a lesbian?" I laughed.

"No, i'm not a lesbian. I just think relationships are messy, people's feelings get hurt. I'd rather just have fun now and save the serious stuff for later. " 

"I think you're wrong." he lifted his finger and pointed at me, taking a sip of his beer. and putting it down, folding his arms, "I think...you know when you feel it." it was suddenly as if he wasn't drunk. He looked serious, stern even. I paused and pulled a bit of my hair back behind my ear. 

"I guess we all just have to agree to disagree." I smiled and he nodded once when Jerry started to walk over, getting up from the seat opposite me and trudging off to another group of boys. Jerry sat in his place and handed me a diet coke.

"Who was that?" 

"No idea." I smiled and shook my head, "Thanks." I sipped at the drink. Jerry's phone suddenly buzzed in his pocket and he went to pick it up. He flipped it open and looked at it. 

"I think we need to go. Dates over." He took my hand and dragged me away from the table,making my drink drop out of my hands and smash. As I ran with him to god knows where I looked back to the boy, staring at me deeply and confused. 

"Run." his lips mouthed over the loud music as Jerry pushed open the restaurant doors and we left. 

The End

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