As I faded from his veiw, Ethan gave a little nod, then left. I smiled, and walked right off of the building and just hung in midair. "I love doing that. Now. Down to buisiness." I smiled to myself, dropping down swiftly and silently.

"Hey Ami-jade." I turned, to see Laura. I smiled.

"Finally left the park?"

"'s Ethan?"

"He's...going to need some help."

"Oh?!" I explained the situation to her, as we walked to the park. A little girl sat by the pond, feeding the ducks bread. She turned her head as we drew near. "Oh! Hello again, miss! Hello, friend." She smiled to me and Laura.

"Little girl, where's your parents?" Laura asked kindly. The girl shrugged.

"Dad's in prison. Mum's gone with a new person, and left me behind."

"Oh dear!" cried Laura, completely forgetting me, and sitting by the girl's side. I shook my head and smiled.

"Typical." I sighed, before walking away, towards a man surrouded by aggitated spirits. "Hey, I was wondering. Could I have some help from you guys...?"

The End

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