Thinking - Jerry

I woke to Ellie's note, and at first I was a bit worried, but then I stifled it.
It was fine.
I sleepily padded down the stairs, yawning.
Wandering into the kitchen, my thoughts returned to Nick.
We hadn't spoken in ages, or seen each other for that matter.
I opened a cupboard and grabbed a bowl and spoon.
"Cereal time." I said quietly to myself.
I poured Corn-Flakes into my bowl, sat down and ate.
Today looked good so far.
"What should I do today?" I asked myself, confused. For the first time in a long while, I didn't know what to do for the day.
I decided that I would plan a day out, maybe to the cinema or something like that.
I quickly finished my cereal, and by this point, the sun was pushing itself weakly through the windows.
I wandered over to the phone and picked it up.
I started to dial Ellie's number. 

The End

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