Ellie:Getting Lost...

I was really lost.

I hadn't been speaking to anyone but Jerry during the past week off of school, and wanted to catch up with everyone.

The night before I was going back home, I touched the cheek Jerry slapped. He never did apologise for that...

I shook my head. Shut up Ellie, you love this boy, you aren't going to let a hit take this love away are you? No. Of course you're not.


I couldn't sleep that night, not a blink. So, I quickly got out of Jerry's bed and got dressed, getting a pen and paper and writing a note to Jerry.


I know i'm going home tomorrow, but I couldn't sleep so i've decided to go back home. Sorry for going without saying goodbye, i'll see you at school tomorrow.

Look after my heart, i've left it with you.


I then placed it on his bedside table, and kissed his head, picking up my bag and getting the night bus home.

Night busses comforted me, the fact that I was warm in a chewingum bottomed seat while the rain hit the gloomy windows and the out of focus circled lights hit behind it. It was too beautiful to not look at.

I got home and collapsed into bed, flicking my shoes off and curling into a ball under my covers, not bothering to get undressed. I checked my clock. 1:00am. I gave a sigh and cuddled into the jacket I stole off of Jerry, holding it close to me. I smelt his smell, not of deodorant, or mens perfume, it was a different smell. Strong and sweet, almost minty, a little indescribable, but altogether a gorgeous smell. 

I didn't sleep in my own bed either. Even with Jerry's jacket I didn't feel as comforted as when I did with his arms around me and his quiet little snores. I missed him already. 

And I kept thinking about Ally. 

The End

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