The same....

I stood next to Ethan. He turned, seeing me. He gave a grimace. He pushed the chair bck, leaving. I saw a sort of blueish glow on the chair. Icey...

I drifted after him, up two flights of stairs, to find him sat on the room crying. I looked up as I came towards him. He shivered. "I felt so cold back there. How long were yu stood there?" he asked.

"I'd only just arrived."

"I warmed  slightly whhen you came. Why?"

"I'm your Guardian, and, before my love died...he chose someone else. Remember when I flinched at your old girlfriend's name?"


"The girl who took him away from my was called Laura. She was two-timing. I didn't know the other guy, though. You and I are the same..."

"I guess we are."

I sat down beside him, and let him cry unto me.

The End

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