Ellie: Questions...

Only god knows how long i'd really been unconscious, and even he would have probably been ashamed of me. I woke up, feeling terrible, like a chainsaw had been jammed down my throat every time I swallowed, like a man was inside of my head scratching his way out, and I felt bruised and broken. 

I looked down at the clear mask that was around my mouth and gently took it off, looking down to see Jerry sleeping beside me. It wasn't long ago that I was sitting in that chair, and he was lying in this bed. I shifted my gaze upwards, only to see my mother, standing there with her arms crossed, her nostrils flared. 

"Me and your father have been thinking that now is not the right time for us to be moving, especially with you in this condition." she quickly looked from Jerry to me, "And because you have a lot of friends here." I nodded once, ignoring the pain, "But. No parties. Ever again. Unless you're with Jerry. I'm extremely ashamed of you Ellie." she yanked the curtain back and stomped away, dragging dad behind her. 


When I was healthy enough to go home, I didn't. I stayed at Jerry's house for a while because his parents were on holiday. My parents were too ashamed of me. Well y mother was. Jerry looked after me. He loved me. That's why I needed to talk to him.

"Jerry?" I asked, unscrewing the milk carton and pouring some into a glass. He was sat at the kitchen table, looking at his A Levels and his College applications. 

"Yeah?" I sat down on his lap, sipping my milk. 

"I think that...maybe...Ethan killed Ally." 

The End

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