Deja Vu

I sat in the hospital room, head in hands. It felt like my life was on a looping cycle, and every time around was worse.

Laura Ellie Ally Jerry Jade Ellie Jerry Ally Jade Laura...

I had seen the warning signs. I had known the dangers. And yet still I took the risks. And now she was paying the consequences.

Ellie lay in the other room, comatose, from a drug overdose. Even now she might die. And it was because of me. Because I had crossed the line that was never meant to be crossed.

We were never supposed to be together. I had known that from the beginning. But I had tried to push myself into her life, to make her love me. And for one second, one glorious second, I thought...

But mine was the textbook tragedy. She's chosen Jerry over me after all. After all that he'd done to her.

But that was the power of true, blind love.

Jerry sat in the chair across from me, avoiding my gaze. A memory swam to the front of my mind, one that seemed so distant. An apology letter. I had poured my heart out on paper, trying to make him understand what I was feeling. He had never even acknowledged it.

But now he owed me an apology. He'd stolen everything I'd ever wanted, waltzed in and stolen it from under my nose. She'd been in my arms...and she had chosen the warmth of his embrace over mine. Leaving me cold.

The End

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