It's Your Turn To Lie There Now - Jerry

"Ellie, what the hell were you thinking." I said in flat tones, looking over her, lying in a hospital bed. 
She just lay there, out for the count and completely dead to the world for the time being.
All these tubes were attached to her arms and she had a mask over her face. 
"What, then?" I asked her. "Just what?"
She obviously gave no response, being unconscious. 
I sat down in the chair next to the bed, and thought about everything.
She had had a drug overdose. What had happened.
I placed my head in my hands.
I was completely and utterly terrified that she would die.
Suddenly, I realised the irony of the situation. 
Not too long ago, I had been in there, and she was here.
Now our places had reversed.
What a day.
What. A. Day.
I sighed and lay my head against the seat behind me.
I had had no sleep last night, what with Ellie being there, so I was completely and utterly shattered.
I quickly slipped into beautiful sleep.

The End

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