Ellie: Party?

"Jerry?" I asked has he wrapped his arm over my waist. I faced away from him, stroking his toes with mine.


"Had you...you know, done this with Ally before I came here?" he paused and took his arm off me, turning to face the cieling. I turned over to him. He shook his head.

"Even though I loved her, I didn't think she loved me back. It was...confusing." he shrugged, "I guess that doesn't matter now though, now that I have you." he kissed my head and I smiled.

I got up and pulled the cover around me, then giggled at the sight of his bum. He quickly grabbed a magazine beside him and covered up. "I'm going to get dressed, before your parents get home from work." I whispered, grabbing my clothes that were thrown around the room and tiptoeing to his bathroom where I threw the cover outside and locked the door behind me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. How could he find me attractive? I looked disgusting. I ended up having a shower, feeling refreshed afterwards. I walked out of the bathroom to see Jerry sliding on a t-shirt. My mouth fell open.

Why did he have to be so muscular? He was so much better than me at everything. He was too good for me, it made me feel so imperior. He nodded to me once as I walked in and slipped on my shoes.

"Are you going?" he asked.

"Sort of have to, got a party tonight and my parents probably wont let me go." I smiled, kissing his lips quickly and picking up my phone.

10 missed calls

"Love you!" I shouted.

"Love you too!" he replied, watching me charge down the stairs and out of the door, all the way home.


I arrived at an unknown girls party, to find people smashing things, drinking alchohol and doing things that I shouldn't think about. A boy approached me and offered me a drink.

"Ello sexy!" he shouted at me over the music. I looked at him awkwardly, "Want a drink, babe?!" he gave it to me anyway. I looked at it and smelt it. It smelt strong, not good, but it didn't matter. I shot it down my throat and smiled afterwards, "That's it, come on, I'll get you some more."

There were things at that party that weren't making sense. I was offered lots of different things, and by half way through I was drunk. Then I was offered more. It wasn't a drink though, but I couldn't remember. I took it anway, and smoked it, giggling afterwards.

Everything was going so fast around me, I didn't notice. I didn't even know anyone there. The music was so loud and my head started to hurt, it wasn't until I fell backwards onto the wooden floor of the house that I noticed I had been given drugs.

The End

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