Passion, Oh Sweet Passion - Jerry

It was incredible.
And so quick.
One second she was asleep, then she was awake, and it happened.
I couldn't contain myself, but it was possibly the greatest experience I have had yet.
I was admiring her beauty, and then I felt the urge to let out some passion, so I kissed her.
That just seemed to give me more passion.
It kept developing until it happened.
It was incredible.
Her beautiful, sweet body pressed against mine.
So we did it.

At the end of it, we just lay next to each other, smiling.
"Ellie?" I said, and turned to her.
"Yes?" She asked me, in her beautiful tones.
"I love you." Her face cracked into a smile, and she cuddled up to me.
"I love you too." Now it was my turn to smile.
Today promised to be a good day. 

The End

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