Ellie: Woah, that was unexpected

It took long before Jerry's father went, but eventually with it being so late he just trailed off to bed. And with that, I rested my head on Jerry's chest, listening to his fast heart beat. I smiled, then slept in his arms. 

He didn't sleep at all that night, I knew he didn't. He just watched me happily, listening to my quiet snore. It was like he was protecting me.

I woke up in the morning, to find Jerry sitting at the end of his bed, cross legged, with breakfast on his lap, ready to give it to me. I sat up and scratched my mess of a hair.

"Why hello there." he grinned giving me the breakfast tray. As I eat he sighed, I looked up.


"You're even beautiful in the morning." he smiled. I gently placed my tray on his bedside table and made him sit next to me. 

It was so urgent, it happened to quickly I didn't even notice. But his lips were on mine again, with his hand on my waist. His t-shirt came off, and suddenly so did mine. I looked down at his stomach, so muscular and pushed him closer. Then it was his pyjama trousers. Then it was my denim skirt, then the tights, and of course....everything else. 

Then it happened. 

We did it.

And I didn't even realise. 

But it happened. 

We'd had sex. For the first time. For my first time. Obviously not his first time. I grinned. 

The End

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