Ami-Jade: Anger

As I drifted, I smiled at the thought of Ellie and Ethan together. I wonder if he told her. I was thinking about them...when I felt it. Pain. I was a spirit. How could I feel pain? I felt it, tearing and burning through me, making my form pulse reddish pink. Either Ellie or Ethan was in trouble. Or at conflict with their own minds.

I went back to Ethan's. He was asleep, with a small smile. I slid my hand through the blanket, to touch the bracelet he was wearing. I stroked his head, and kissed it lightly. I left, and went to Ellie's house. I went to her room. I almost cried out. Bed was messily made, and no sight of her. I knew where to check next when I heard a man shouting. I went out, and ended up at Jerry's house. His father was shouting at Jerry's bedroom door.

I drifted through. Jerry was leaning over Ellie, kissing her passionatly. They were both under the overs, and had their arms tightly round each other. I smirked. At school, I was going to putt a few messages up. Like....maybe...'Ellie loves Ethan and Jerry'? naaa. Too mean. I was so angry to see them there, but I stayed calm. I walked forwards, leaned down, and whispered, "Ethan's going to be upset when he finds out." and left, bak to Ethan's house. I sa beside Ethan's bed. His dreams were being disturbed. A single tear shimmered in the moonlight. I made myself solid, and slid under the covers. He wouldn't wake. I knew he wouldn't. But I was going to make his dreams happy, and come true. Since I wasn't good enough when I was human.

The End

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