From A Nightmare - Jerry

I woke up from a horrible nightmare suddenly.
My eyes snapped open, and I sat up abruptly.
I started to cry, then I tried to swallow the tears. I was different now.
But halfway through my fight to keep back my tears, something broke in me, and I just cried. 
I sobbed my heart out, and screamed inside my mind.
I let everything out.
I felt better.
Everything suddenly seemed so clear.
I felt better, like I was ill, but got better.
I felt like a great weight had been taken off me.
I tried to look back on the nightmare, and try and see what disturbed me, and changed me so, but all I could remember was blood.
Litres and litres of blood.
And I was drowning in it.
Then suddenly it disappeared, and I was standing alone.
Then, a voice. It told me things, which I couldn't remember, then I woke up, and I was crying.
And I was better.
I was back.

The End

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