Ami/Jade: Still Here

I smiled at Ethan as he went downstairs. I was always sat by his bed at night, stroking his forehead, making sure his dreams were sweet. In the day I would float round the school, or whisper to the students, helping them with tests. Ellie came into Ethan's room with him.

I watched her cry, and watched him take her into his arms. I was shocked. She was so diffrent from Ally. Ellie was sweet. She deserved to be with someone good. Like Ethan. The look in his eyes, when he leaned his chin against the top of her head. They were perfect for eachother.

I had seen Jerry. He was crazed. Violent. He no longer deserved to hold Ellie or Ally in his arms, as Ethan did. Gently, I pulled Ellie back, and wrapped y own arms round her, making Ethan and Ellie freeze.

"Shhh. Don't worry, Ellie. You're safe." I whispered in her ear. I knew she could hear me. I fondled with her hair, and watched Ethan stare. Ellie slowly slid her arms around me, feeling the coldness, and not pulling in, knowing she would go through me. I let go of her, and drifted round to Ethan. I cupped his fae with one hand, and pushed his hair bak behind his ear, and whispered, "Tell her. Tell her how you feel." He shuddered, and gave a soft smile. I guided his hand and Ellies together.

She looked slightly dazed. I shaped air in my hands, and something began to materialize there. Two bracelets. The first was deliate silver, with two entertwined golden E's. Ther other was gold, with two silver E's. I fastened the gold one round Ethans wrist, the other round Ellie's. They both looked down at the bracelets. Ellie began to blush slightly. She turned her head, and looked straight into where my eyes would be.

"Thank you, Ami-jade." she said softly but clearly. Ethan and I started. I made myself visible to them. Ethan seemed slightly disturbed, but Ellie was calm, her face still etched with tears. I stroked the teartracks away.

"I'm always going to be here for you two, if you need to speak to someone." I whispered, my voice carrying on the wind of the open window. They both gave a nod. "I'm going for a...walk."

Ellie gave a giggle. "Not being rude, but can spirits walk?"

"No. Well...they drift." I grinned.

Ellie started laughing hard. Ethan joined her, and I slid through te window, dropping down. I saw their heads pop through the window, looking down in surprise. "We need to get used to that." I heard Ethan mutter, before I drifted down the street.

The End

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