Ellie: Mistake? Yes. What A Mistake That Was...

I think the people in the hospital thought Jerry was mentally ill. He'd been here twice in one month. I didn't like hospitals, not any more anyway. They made me feel upset. 

I silently watched Jerry being put to sleep. It didn't make me happy. I still didn't know why I was here with him. I wanted to hurt him for being so mean to everyone. For being so mean to me. I felt mean for wanting to move, but in a way now I did. I wanted to be away from this madness. 

I wasn't wanted here any more. I'd never been wanted in my life, not by anyone. Why was I here? I should leave, I should go.

I hoisted myself up off of the chair beside his bed and pulled the curtain, "Oh love," a nurse called me. I turned back as she pressed the needle into his arm, "It's best if you stay with him. His parents won't be here for a few hours." she smiled and took the needle out. 

I flickered my eyes back and forth from him to her, then finally kept my eyes on her, "I'm sorry but I really have to go." I pushed the curtain further back and walked down the hospital.

"Your making a mistake!" she called. I looked back at her then back to the door. 

"No Mrs. Nurse. You are." I mumbled under my breath, opening the hospital door and walking out.

The End

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