Enjoyment Of My Own Kind / Worth It - Jerry

My plans were in ruin. Complete and utter ruin. Ellie got out of the trap, found me and showed my plans to all.
Ah well.
It was fun while it lasted.
That last comment would have used to scare me, but now I accepted it.
I enjoyed it.
I knew I was completely crazy, mentally unstable, but I was going to enjoy it.
I was enjoying it.
It was fun doing all those things to the people.
It was also addictive. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to scare someone.
As Ellie walked out of the room, an idea came to me.
It wasn't amazingly clever, but I didn't care anymore.
It would hurt, but not as much as everything else.
I ran to the window, and smashed it with my fist. I felt the glass cut into my hand.
Ellie stopped suddenly and turned.
"Jerry?" She said, anger heavy in her voice.
I grabbed a particularly large part, looked up at her, and smiled.
"Guess what this is for Ellie?" I asked her in a playful tone.
"Don't play your games with me anymore Jerry, I'm not going to come back to you again."
I lifted the shard of glass, and pressed it to my shoulder.
"Oh, just a little one...?" I asked her, and I slowly walked towards her.
"Go and die."
I ripped the glass down. All the way down the outside of my arm, ripping open my sleeves, and leaving one long, bloody, jagged scar.
I cut it so deep, that the glass went right through my wrist, and left a bloody part sticking out.
I screamed an inhuman scream.
Then I fell to the floor, but as I blacked out, I saw the look on Ellie's face.
Completely terrified, and a perfect look of intense shock.
It hurt like someone had set fire to my blood, but it was worth it.
Worth it just for the look on her face.

The End

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