Ellie: Jerry?!

I stomped through the school grounds angrily, a fast drumming going on inside of my head. How dare they say that about me? Who is this sick person?!

I kept stomping angrily, "WHERE ARE YOU IDIOT!" I screamed, stepping over the 'snake'. 

"Oh, I see there is a search on the prowl." he giggled. 

"Enough. Tell me where you are." I yelled, staying quiet and listening to try and find out what room this person was in. I eyed the teachers office and gently placed my hand on the handle. It fell off, making me scream in rage, banging on the door, "Let me in!" I screamed.

I could hear him quickly picking up his things urgently, but I banged the door down, only to see Jerry. Jerry? It was him?

I stood in silence. He looked a mess. On the inside and out.

"Jerry?! You've been doing this?!" I screamed. He grinned, "You can't treat people like this!" 

"Yes I can. I can do what I damn well please." he hissed. I took the microphone off of him as he stood there in rage, breathing heavily. I wasn't scared of him any more. He was a monster. 

I called into the microphone, "I suggest someone should have to go to the front office and call the police. Because this boy-" I was about to say his name but stopped, then continued, "Jerry." there was only one Jerry in this school. And we all now knew who it was, "Has been causing a disturbance." 

"Your ruining my plan!" he yelled. 

"At the moment, I don't care. I don't know what you've become any more Jerry." I whispered, shaking my heard, "And now...I just don't know if I really love you any more." with that he ran out of the school quickly, leaving me standing in shame behind him.

I wasn't scared of this monster any more. 

I was just scared of what would happen to him.

The End

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