Plan Spectaculaire - Jerry

I didn't care about anything anymore. Everything was taken away from me.
I walked along the streets, scowling, and thinking.
Strangley, the memory of the fact that I had something to do was in my mind.
What it was I couldn't think of.
My mind started to wander, but then I quickly snapped it back into place.
How to get the hurt out, feel powerful, and feel free again.
It was going to be spectacular.
A map of the whole town formed itself in my head, including all the roads into here.
I focused on them.
If I could push all the authorities out, and then block them... No that wouldn't work.
I dismissed the thought.
Then another thought came into my head.
It was perfect!
An hour before school everyday, there was a staff meeting. Every member of staff piled into the staff room, to discuss things. Every member of staff, even the cleaners, and the people who worked in the kitchens. I don't know what they talked about, but they did sure enough.
This could be my chance.
The door of the Staff Room opened inwards, meaning that you would have to pull a handle to open it. The Staff Room was disliked by many teachers, as there was no mobile reception inside of it, due to it's enclosed nature, and there were no windows. Perfect for the plan now forming in my mind.
It was so brilliant, I stopped in the middle of the path, and wondered at it. I then realised what I was doing, and walked on.
Now, what to do about the students?
The school operated a no mobile policy.
The students weren't allowed to bring phones in at all.
If they needed to call home or something, they went to the office.
There was only one form group that was in a science room for registration. That was ours.
If I could cause a small disaster in the science room the day before, that couldn't be sorted out till a few days after... Then we would have to be somewhere else.
It was perfect!
Another brilliant peak to my plan was that the school's door-locking system operated by every door being locked electronically, with a keycode that only the staff knew.
I had found out sometime ago, that there was a smallish back up control pad in the reception, in case the keycode machines broke, or someone forgot theirs. The passcodes could be changed as well from there.
This was perfect!
There were security cameras all over the school complex. Not many people noticed them, and the Staff tried to hide their existence from the pupils, and if they were broken, the students wouldn't be told, and the maintinence would take a few days.
All I needed to do was pour water over the controls the day before I set everything up.
Then there came a little hitch in my perfect plan.
The fire alarms.
There was one in each room, and they unlocked all the doors, and called the fire service.
They were wired up somewhere in the school roof.
The small control pad in the reception also covered the fire alarms. There was a fire alarm disable button there as well. The alarms were disabled for half an hour after this was pressed. If I could have the button being constantly pressed down for the full day, then I wouldn't have to worry.
The hitch evaporated
Now, onto how I could block off the science room...
A memory helpfully floated into my head.
A few years ago, there was an incident where a gas tap was left on all night, then the gas escaped into the science room. In the middle of the night, there was a mighty explosion in that room. Someone had lit a match or something in there.
The whole of the inside of the science room caught fire. Every inch, ablaze.
Then the sprinkler system quickly flipped on, and doused the flames just as the Fire Service arrived.
That morning, a body was dragged out from the wreckage of the inside of the room.
It was a boy named Fredrick.
The room was not used for a full week after the explosion, while they made it safe again, and redecorated.
If I could replicate that explosion again, the form would have to be moved...
Then I remembered that half the school didn't go to school the day after the explosion.
I pondered this dilemma for a short while, then decided to post a sign on the door the morning my plan came into action, saying that we were moved to the art room.
Now, what to do with the trapped students and staff, after I had them where I wanted them...
All the rooms had computers, except the staff room, which was good for me.
They could be controlled through the teachers computer. If I disabled the teachers computer in every room except one, which I was going to use as my "base" for the day, then I could scare the students, somehow.
I could also send messages through the speaker system, in the school.
I could set up strange, painful, and pointless challenges in empty rooms, and call students out, unlock certain doors for them, split them up, terrify them.
I could get some personal revenge on a few individuals.
My plan took form, and I was happy with it.
It was perfect, and spectacular.
My plan spectaculaire.

The next day at school, I completely blanked Ellie out, and put the first stages of my plan into development. By lunch, I had found out where the controls for the security cameras were. They were in the Head's office.
I wandered around the back of the school to the Head's office window. I checked no one was watching. No one came this was anyway. As soon as I finished that, I oh so gently opened the window, and clambered in.
They weren't in there, which was lucky.
There was a water machine in the room as well.
I reached into my bag, where I had bought three water bottles.
I filled them up, then quickly poured them onto the control pannel.
Then I dived out of the window, closed it and ran. I heard some fizzing, and some electrical crackles as I ran.

The rest of the school day passed uneventfully.
Then, later on, night fell. All the teachers had gone home, and I knew that.
I left a note for my parents, saying I was at a sleepover at Nick's, and if there was a problem, they should call my mobile.
I was wearing completly black. Black hat, black shirt, black jumper, black shoes, and black gloves, so no one could trace my fingerprints.
I hurried down to the school with my supplies, and climbed over the fence, using a handy rope I brought along with me. I landed a little akwardly, but I was fine.
No one saw me, and the cams were still down.
I opened the doors, and wandered in.
All the doors were always kept unlocked at night, they didn't expect anyone to climb over the fence like I did.
It was dark in the school.
I switched a torch on, and wandered in the direction of the Staff Room.
I found it, opened the door, and walked in.
I reached into my bag, and brought out a screwdriver. I started to unscrew the door handle, just enough so that if someone pulled it, it would fall off. I propped the door open while I was doing this. I didn't want to get trapped in there myself.
After that I walked to the reception, changed the keycodes for all the doors, wrote the number on my hand, and fixed the fire alarm button.
Then I unplugged all the teacher's computers in the school except the one in Room Thirteen, where I was going to stay all day. I planned to set up challenges littered with riddles in certain rooms, in the morning.
I wrote a script for what the computers would say to the students in the day, and then checked everything over.
Everything was perfectly set up for tomorrow, except two things. I reached into my backpack, and got out a notice, telling the reader that the registration form in Science Room A was moved to Art Room C for a day.
Then I made sure that in every room with windows, the windows were locked, and then I removed all the keys.
The school staff never checked the windows, or the small control panel before their staff meeting, in case something came up. They just went straight into the Staff Room, and talked for an hour, until the automatic bell went.
Then I set my alarm for an hour and a half before school started, and slept on the cold floor.

My eyes snapped open, as soon as my alarm went off.
This was the day.
The day my plan came into action.
I quickly hurried to the control panel which could lock the doors. I heard the staff come in. My finger hovered over the Staff Room "lock" button. I heard the Staff Room door open, then close. I slammed my hand down on the button, and that was the point I realised that there was no turning back anymore.

During the next three quaters of an hour, I taped the Staff Room door up with as much of the strongest tape I could find, and then set everything I needed for the day up.
This was going to be spectacular.

Five minutes after I finished, the students arrived.
I counted every single second of the next ten minutes, and then when the bell went, my stomach did a flip. I waited fifteen minutes for the students to get into the classrooms, as is normal procedure.
Then I locked every door except the reception door, one door to the outside and the door to the empty Room Thirteen.
I walked out of the door outside, closed all the gates, and locked them, and went back inside.
I locked that door, then went into Room Thirteen.
I had set up the speaker system so that it operated from Room Thirteen, and every room had a speaker in, except the Staff Room.
I waited another fifteen minutes, took a deep breath, and switched the speaker system on.
This is your big moment Jerry, here we go!
A voice in my head said.
I opened my mouth.
In a voice that I had practiced some time ago, that no one would recognise as mine, I started to speak to the students.
"Good morning." I waited five seconds. "All of you here today, are very lucky."
I tried to make myself sound as worriyingly disturbing as I can.
"All of you here, are going to be involved in my day of fun that I made especially for all of you!" A short disturbing giggle.
I carried the microphone thing with me, and logged onto the computer.
"First lesson, ICT! Now, I want all of you lovely boys and girls to log onto the computers, and start them up." I waited until the list on my computer told me that everyone in the school was logged on, except me.
Now to cover my tracks, and give Ellie a bit of a guilt trip. No one knew about Ellie's and my fight.
"Oh, only one person away today, Jerry Johnson." I giggled maniacly again. "I wonder what Ellie's thinking?" I put on a high voice, a mockery of Ellie's voice "Oh where oh where could have my loved one have got to? Oh woe is me" I stopped using that voice and giggled darkly again.
Now, time for some revenge on those people that used to bully me.
"Now which one of you lucky people will play a game with me?" I added a bit of a playful tone to the disguised voice "Come on, it'll be fun" I giggled again.
I scrolled through the list of students, and found one. Alexander Grapple. I knew that he hated anyone calling him by his full name, or by Alexander. I right clicked his name, then I clicked message on screen, then I typed in block capitals "YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO PLAY A GAME WITH ME, ALEXANDER GRAPPLE"
"Oh, it seems you are the lucky one Alexander! Everyone applaud Alexander for being such a brave little boy!" I clapped, so the sound resonated over the speaker system.
"Now, Alexander, I want you to open notepad on your computer." I could see that he first hesitated, then obeyed me.
I made the options on the computer so that I could type, then he could type as well.
"Now Alexander," I began, and as I was saying it, I could see he wrote the words "dont call me alexander"
"Tut, tut, tut, Alexander, where's your grammer?" I asked him over the the speaker.
"First, you need a capital letter at the beggining of the sentence..." I waited five seconds, while nothing happened. "Do it, Alexander." My voice adopted a hard edge.
He corrected his sentence to "Dont call me alexander"
"There should be an apostrophe between the 'N' in don't and the 'T'."
He corrected it.
"And a full stop at the end of the sentence, and your name needs a capital letter."
He changed the sentence to "Don't call me Alexander."
"Well done Alexander!" I said, in a disturbingly happy way, in the disguised voice. Then I dropped my voice back down. "I'll call you what I want, Alexander. In fact, I will call you 'Mr Silly Face' now." I giggled darkly, and deleted his sentence on the computer's notepad.
"Now, Mr Silly Face, at the back of your registration room, there should be some lockers!" I had placed various items in the lockers, and changed the lock codes.
"Well, are there?" I asked him.
"yes" he typed.
"Correct grammer, Mr Silly Face!"
He corrected it.
"Now, chose a random locker from there, and type the number in here."
I waited for five seconds.
"Hurry, Mr Silly Face, I'm getting bored..." I tapped a pen on the table, ever second that passed.
"Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock." I said, and then I typed it into his computer.
It was then deleted and replaced with "343"
"Thank you!" I said with a delighted edge. "Now, I am going to tell you the code to open the locker, and there should be a lovely suprise for you in there!"
I typed the number "666" into his notepad, as that was the number of all the lockers. I thought it would scare some people, being theNumber Of The Beast.
"Now, tell me Mr Silly Face, what was in the locker?" I said after ten seconds.
"A Jack-In-The-Box." He typed.
"Was there anything else?" I asked. "I'm sure there was something else in there..." I trailed off.
"A note, with a website on it." He typed.
"Oh, yay!" I said, with the scary delight evident. "Go on it." My voice dropped again.
He opened the internet browser and typed in "" in, as that was the address I wrote on it.
I had created this website, and many more like it last night.
I had used lots of people in the school's email address as the owner. If he submits a survey, which consists of one question; "Did the Jack-In-The-Box scare you?" it sends an email to a student, who would be the victim of my next "Game."
"Well, Mr Silly Face, I am going to ask you to do one thing, then you can have a nice rest from all these tiring games." I said. "Answer the question, yes or no?"
I watched as he clicked "No" then clicked submit.
"Yay! Well done Mr Silly Face!" I said. "Now, who's received an email?" I asked the audience of students. "If you got the email, open notepad!" I said.
A girl called Alice Watkins opened notepad, as she got the email.
Then I forced her to do a completely pointless task, which ended with her getting her shoes stuck in a random locker, and then her having to answer a question about whether they miss their shoes or not, on a website like Alexander did, which sent an email to another student, and so on and so on.
I had to tell a few students off for getting bored, and going on Zombie games and so on, by making them open a special locker, with a disturbing image pinned on the inside, so they got scared, and didn't try it again.
This went on, till the bell for lunch rang.
"Oh, Lunchtime now!" I said, and giggled. "Now, whoever has not got a packed lunch, please open the website 'www.IwasasillylittlestudentandIhaven'' with an apostrophe."
Aproximatly half of the school opened it.
On the website was a questionare. It had the questions "What size shoe do you wear?" and "What registration group are you in?"
"Now, answer the questions, and then we'll see who eats!"
The answers were sent by email to me, and the person with the biggest shoe size in each registration group was sent a code, and a locker number which held some food.
Now, those of you who got the code, go and open the locker, and enjoy your lunch!" I giggled.
There was two sandwiches in each locker which was opened.
They all had a chemical which would give a very bad stomach ache to the eater, half an hour after eating.
"Now, have you finished eating?" I asked, and the students, having got the drift by now, answered with the notepad.
After five minutes, all the answers were yes.
"Well, in about half an hour, you should get a very nasty stomach ache." I giggled. "My idea. Fun eh?" I giggled again. "Now aren't the rest of you glad you have small feet or brought your own lunch?!" I descended into maniac laughter for a full minute. It hurt me a bit, but it was working. I carried the microphone with me, as I carefully darted back to the reception, and unlocked one locker, in my registration group.
In this locker, was a battery operated toy car. I had changed the outer body, so it looked like a snake, slithering on the floor. When the door was opened, it would pull a string, connected to the switch, so the switch would then switch on, and the so called "snake" would go, until someone caught it, and switched it off. I had put the string on in such a way that it would fall off just after it was switched on.
"Like the snake?" I asked into the microphone, and laughed again. Then I went back to Room Thirteen, and planned what I was going to do for the afternoon.
This was turning out to be a good day.
Everything was going to plan.
My plan spectaculaire.

The End

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