Blind. Blind, But Powerful. - Jerry

"You make me feel sick." I slapped Ellie, and walked off.
I heard Ellie scream, and start to sob.
My fists clenched into balls of anger.
I hated myself for thinking it, but it felt good to hit someone.
It felt good to get a little bit of the anger out.
What would it be like to get it all out though?
I would be free again.
But there was so much anger and bitter feelings inside of me.
As I turned the corner, I kicked a tree with all my might.
It hurt, but I felt a little bit better.
I stopped, walked back, and attacked the tree some more.
I felt good.
I felt powerful.
I liked that feeling.
I knew that this was the point where I should wake up from these bad thoughts, but there was something stopping me.
I didn't want to stop.
I was blinded by the hurt, and pain, and everything, but I felt powerful.
Hurting things took the pain away.
I felt wrong, but then I overtook the wrong with one vicious kick to the tree, and walked off.
For one split second, I felt blind. Blind, but strong. Blind, but powerful.

The End

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