Ellie: Scared...

Jerry eventually found me. He knew I couldn't hide for long. I was in the woods that day, 3 days away from moving. I told Julianna first, that was hard. Then Ami, Nick and Ethan. I left Jerry till last, but that was when he came.

"You decided this without even telling me?" his voice interupted my thoughts and I snapped my head up to see him standing there in shock, "While you were telling everyone else you decided to leave me last?"

"Who told you?" I whispered, standing up.

"I had to hear it in the corridor from a group of girls sniggering. Too bad I couldn't hear it from you..."

"Jerry, I was going to tell you but-"

"But what? But you were too scared?!" he shouted. I looked away.

"It was your opinion I cared about the most. I was too upset to tell you." I whispered, fighting off his gaze.

"You were too busy settling in with Ethan." he spat out his name and I froze.

"You what?"

"Don't try and hide it, Ellie. I know it. I saw you in the corridor the other day. You know what?" he approached me, his face inches from mine. I looked up in fear. This was the first time I had actually been scared of him. My breathing was heavy and I'm sure the whole school could hear it, "You make me feel sick." he hissed, slapping my cheek. I screamed as he stormed off back into school.

I cried so hard that day. I didn't go home. As a matter of fact I didn't leave the forest. I just sat and cried, even in the dark, even in the rain, that was until I fell asleep, my cheek still stinging from the hand that belonged to the person I loved the most.

I was scared of Jerry. I was scared of the person I had only ever loved.

The End

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