Distance? - Jerry

At lunch, I looked for Ellie.
I couldn't find her.
I searched for half an hour straight, and during that time, a deep, unconfortable panic settled into my stomach.
I wandered around the lunch hall, but she wasn't there.
I searched around inside the school, then a bit in the grounds.
Finally, I just found a bench, and sat down with my head in my hands, just thinking.
Where was she?
Why did she go without a goodbye?
So many questions, rolling themselves over in my head, just because what I did everyday was upsetted for a moment.
A small hiccup in my plans. I then heard Nick's voice.
"Jerry?" I felt his warm hands on my back.
"What's up?" He asked me, a tad of worry hiding beneath his tones.
Why couldn't people just accept that I am sad, and just sit there, with their arms around me, and let me cry it all out. I swallowed this strange want, and asked him,
"Where's Ellie?" I heard his breath catch a little.
"I, I don't know." He said. "What's happened?!" He suddenly exploded with worry.
"I don't know either. We were fine this morning, then now, I can't find her anywhere.
"What does it mean when a girl does this?" I asked him.
He sighed.
"It could mean many things, mate."
Now it was my turn to sigh.
Where was she?

Lunch ended, and the panic refused to go away. I felt incredibly sick now.
I walked to my next lesson, and as I was walking I saw Ellie, with Ethan.
Ethan's hand was on Ellie's back.
I stopped breathing for a minute, and I could feel tears just getting ready to roll down my face.
She quickly pulled herself out of the situation, and walked to her next lesson. She nodded to me on the way.
That gesture tore me up inside.
Then to rub salt into the fresh wounds, Ethan looked like he lost someone, and Ellie looked back at him.
What was going on?
Was she cheating on me?
What was going on!?
Why was she putting so much distance between us?!

The End

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