As the days lingered on, I found myself thinking more and more about Ellie. So like Ally, and different. She was unique. And though it hurt me more than I can say to admit it to feelings for her more than of friendship.

Ellie made me feel whole again. When she was around me, the awful loneliness that had become a part of me faded.  And that night in the hospital, when she hugged me...I hadn't felt that way since Laura-

Laura. The thought brought an awful guilt to my mind. Thinking about Ellie this way when Laura had been so close to me...I refused to think that seeing her had been just another hallucination. She had been there, before me. There was no doubt in my tortured mind about that.

And then there was Jerry. He was torn between the ghost of his past and the light of the living, just as I was. But it was clear which of us Ellie would choose.

Is this my lot in life? To have every joy, everything that brought me happiness, denied? Cruelly ripped away? I am the plaything of destiny, and She's having a hell of a game of cat and mouse with my sanity.

Will it ever end?

The End

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