Ellie: Is This Better? Or Worse?

Jerry was out of the hospital, and by the time he was back at school it was like paparazzi around a celebrity except there was no cameras. Swarms of kids were around him, I felt so awkward, none of them had really payed much attention to him before. Even the popular ones were screaming:

"Are you alright, Jerry?!" "What happened?!"

I felt him squeeze my hand as he pushed through them all, pulling me along behind them. I breathed a sigh of relief as we went to our separate classes, Jerry nuzzling my ear with his nose as he left instead of his usual hug. I smiled, touching my ear and watching him walk down the corridor. 

I didn't visit him at lunch like I usually did, I ditched and went to the forest behind our school with my guitar where we did cross country running. The day was too sunny to go to waste. He would be wondering where I was but I wanted to be alone. Just for this moment. Just to be happy before I went.

"You lift my feet off the ground, and spin me around, you make me crazier and crazier." I sang to myself, strumming my guitar with a smile. I had this all to myself, the forest's beauty, the music, the sunshine breaking through the trees. Could it get any better?

Well it could get worse. I was leaving in one week, and I hadn't told anyone.

The End

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