Together- Ellie

It took a few days for Jerry to get out of the hospital, but he eventually did, and I didn't leave him until he did. I didn't want to be around my parents any more.

I couldn't tell Jerry about me moving. Everyone was so scared about Jerry right now, if I told him, he'd be even worse. No, I'd just leave it. I'd have to tell them some time, but just not right now, not while he's in so much pain.

I slept in an uncomfortable chair next to Jerry's bed, when a sound awoke me. I rubbed at my eyes and tilted my head up to see Jerry out of his bed, walking down the cold empty hospital. I stood up and looked at him walking.

"Jerry? What are you doing?!" I asked loudly. He didn't turn, he didn't even reply, like he was unaware of my absence. I felt so desolate. "Jerry?!" I shouted, running towards him and grabbing his arm. I flinched.

He was so cold. He was ice cold. He turned to look at me from my touch. "Go back." he whispered.

"No, what are you doing, Jerry? Tell me!" I touched his arm again, ignoring his temperature and looked into his eyes.

"Nothing. Now go back." he hissed. I'd never seen him this angry before.

"Please, Jerry. Get back into bed. It isn't safe for you to be up." I whispered, looking around at the people sleeping in beds. The familes. He looked like a mental patient, the way his eyes flicked from me, to the floor, to everything around us. He slowly moved over to the empty waiting area, and sat on a seat, "What's wrong?" I whispered.

He didn't reply, he just made me cuddle into him, kissing my forehead and telling me to sleep, I didn't have enough time to ask once more, he'd put me into our dream world where nothing mattered.

Life or death. Friends or family. Nothing. Just me and him.


The End

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