Miracle - Jerry

It's the middle of the night.
Silence hangs in the air, and I struggle to slip into the land of dreams.
Suddenly, my neck is in complete agony. It feels like I just want to pull my chest and ribcage apart, reach in, and rip my heart out of my  chest, to end it.
The pain is so intense that I cannot sream. I am trapped in a moment of insane pain.
Jerry. We need you.
Jerry. Get up. Now.
All of a sudden, the pain ends abruptly, and I feel inredible. I reach up and rub my neck, and find the deep scar has gone.
Faded away.
Get up.
I gently sat up. This was incredible, I couldn't do this before, I was too weak!
Then I swung my legs round so they were hanging over the side of the bed.
Get up, and shake of the tubes and wires.
I pushed myself off the bed.
I was a little unsteady on my feet at first, but then I found my balance again. I ripped the wires and tubes off my body just like the whispers had said.
This isn't possible, I told myself. This isn't happening.
Oh, but it is. The whisper replied. It certainly is.

The End

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