Why would he try to kill himself?--nick

I was at home with julliana talking to her when my phone beeped.I took out my phone and jerry's name lit up on screen."Sry fr txtng so late. Im at the lake. Cme fnd me. Need u guys. Jerry" I frowned when i read this.This was not like jerry.Why would he text so late and why would he be at the lake?I told julliana to get her shoes on then we headed out the door.

We got to the lake just in time to see ellie,soaking wet,dragging jerry out of the lake.He was bleeding badly at the neck and he was holding a knife.He looked like he was already dead but he had a small pulse left.I called an ambulance and hoped they would come in time.When they came they said only one person could ride with them.We chose ellie to go as she was closest to jerry.Then me and julliana started walking to the hospital.

At the hospital we found ellie and jerry talking.We decided to leave them be for the moment.then jerry's parents burst through the door.They were shown to where jerry was with ellie.jerry's mother sat sobbing by his bed while his dad questioned him about what he did.Jerry's mother stopped him though saying this was not the right time.Then they both gave ellie an accusing glare.Were they blaming ellie for this?With all the confusion i didn't even notice ethan come in.What was he doing here?i walked over to him.

"What do you think you are doing here ethan.You have given us all a hard time and have been nothing but trouble for us lately."I wasn't sure if i imagined it or not but it almost seemed like ethan cowered away from me when i said this.He told me that jerry had come to him just before he went to the lake.He didnt say anythign else and i thought there was more to it than that but i let him be.

My dad arrived telling me he had come up to my room to check on me but i had not been there.I thought he was about to get angry at me but then he saw jerry."oh,well i suppose it is ok to leave the house so late if it is a matter of one of your friends nearly dying.But next time please tell me,i was worried about you.I said ok then we went home.Julliana remembered how late it was,said goodbye and took off running towards her own house.

I went to sleep hoping for jerry to be ok.But somethign was nagging my mind.Why would he try to kill himself at all?i thought he was happy now.i fell asleep asking myself this question over and over again.

The End

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