I'm Never Going To Leave- Ellie

"Jerry?" I whispered. I watched him shake his head slowly, swallowing, "Jerry are you alright?" I whispered, reaching for his hand. His eyes opened, he looked around.

"Where am I? Where's," he swallowed, "where's Ellie?" I smiled.

"I'm here." I replied. The beeping of the hospital filled my ears, I kept my eyes directly on him and stood up as he lay there with his eyes closed. I turned to see Ethan, sitting in a chair, his head hanging, "Ethan, you ever let Jerry do anything like this again i'm going to have to kill you." he chuckled and stood up, walking out with Ami, Julianna and Nick.

I turned back to Jerry, his eyes were now open, staring at me. I pulled the curtain so we had privacy and sat down next to him, curling up into a ball. He felt at his neck.

"Don't touch it." I whispered. He moved his hand away, sighing deeply. I paused and shook my head, "Why would you do this?"

"Because I wanted to."

"Jerry," I sighed, "you do know that I can't live without you right?" he glanced away. "I know you still love her. If I was you, I would too. But...your holding on, when you really just need to let go." I whispered.

"I understand." he replied.

"Please, for my sake. Never ever do this again." I touched his hand, "I can't live without you. You die, I die. It's as simple as that. Look...I should get the nurse, you need some sleep." I tried to stand up but he clasped my hand tight.

"Don't go." Jerry moaned. I sat back down, watching every movement he made with his eyes closed. I pulled the red rope by his bedside, waiting for the nurse. "Stay." he whispered.

"I'm never going to leave." I whispered as his mother came in, along with the nurse.

"Hello, Jerry." the nurse smiled, I eyed the needle in her hand cautiously as she lifted his arm. Jerry's mother stood with her arms folded, glaring at me like it was my fault. I stared back at Jerry as the needle pressed into his arm.

"Hold on, Jerry."

The End

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