The Only Way - Jerry

Tears streamed down my face as Ellie rushed away from me. I knew how much she was hurting.
I loved Ally, but she was gone. Ellie was like a second Ally, but know she was gone.
Everything. Gone.
I just wanted someone to love. Someone to hold onto, and heal the pain. To fill the hole Ally punched into me, when she died.
I stumbled, blindly into an dark ally.
"Not funny." I murmered as I realised the irony of it all.
I fell against a wall, and slid down it. Tears crashed down my face.
That's all I could do now. Cry, and slide down.
I was all falling apart, and I had no way of releasing my feelings.
Crying was too weak. Many times after Ally's death, I had contemplated self harming. I had held a blade to my arm, but something stopped me.
I looked inside me once more, trying to find what stopped me, as to have something to hold onto, and to help me.
I didn't find it.
It was gone.
Nothing stopping me.
No one.
I stood up, and started to run.

Knock knock knock.
Why was I doing this?
A powerful thought pushed itself through my head.
It's the only way you will see Ally again, and let all the pain go.
The door opened, and Ethan greeted me.
"Jerry?" He asked. "What are you here for? Do you know what the time is?! What are you.."
I cut him off.
"I need you to do a big favour."
"Why are you asking me?"
I sighed, and said the words that sealed my fate.
"I know exactly how you feel."

We sat in Ethan's room.
"You know exactly what to do don't you?" I handed him the piece of paper.
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
I nodded.
"Yes." I said.
Ethan understood how I felt. He had felt exactly like it before.
We sat in silence for a few minutes.
I got up.
"Well, I guess this is goodbye, forever then." I said to him.
"I guess." He looked up at me. I held out my hand, and he used it to help him get up.
"So, I suppose you'll be the last person to" I couldn't finish my sentence. The words got caught in my throat, and tears formed in my eyes.
He hugged me, and I felt grateful for someone to hold, and to understand how I felt.
"Tell her I'm sorry." I whispered in his ear, and let go.
"I will. I promise." He nodded.
We walked in silence to the door.
I stepped outside, and turned. He handed me something wrapped in cloth.
"Goodbye, Ethan."
He nodded, and we shook hands.
I walked off, to the large lake.

It was almost pitch black by the time I got to the lake.
I got out my phone, and started to text.
"Sry fr txtng so late. Im at the lake. Cme fnd me. Need u guys. Jerry"
I sent it to all my friends, and Ellie.
Then I re-recorded my answer phone message.
"Come to the lake." I said, then hung up. I wonder how many people would try and find me.
I unwrapped the package that Ethan gave me.
In it I found a razor.
"Thank you Ethan." I whispered. My phone started to ring. It was Nick. I ignored it.
I got everything out of my pockets, placed it on the ground next to the lake. I then waded into the lake, with the razor.
I walked until the water was up to my neck. Then I pressed the razor to my neck.
I took a deep breath.
"Goodbye." I pulled the blade across my neck as hard as I could.
I fell into the water, drowning myself and bleeding to death at the same time.
Exruciating pain, but at least I was leaving this world.
Pain for several minutes. Pain I had never felt before.
Pure pain, the water around me turning red with my blood, memories, peoples faced floated in front of me. Ally's face, Nick's, everyone's. Memories of the cinema, that fateful science lesson with Ethan. Ellie, the sadness, everythgin. Thoughts violently and rapidily swirled around my head,  and then, all of a sudden... I was gone.

The End

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