Something Missing - Jerry

Ellie told me where she had to go after school, kissed me and hurried home.
I smiled at the memory of her kiss. Her lips, soft and tender, and so amazing. Her beautiful face, and her wonderfully incredible smell. I wondered to the hill we normally stayed at after school, smiling and wondering at everything on the way there.
I arrived at the hill. It was a beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining down, in such a way that it wasn't too hot, or too cold at all. It was perfect. I plonked myself down on the grass, on the peak of the hill, and looked across the scenario. A butterfly flapped itself slowly past my face.
I closed my eyes, and lay back on the ground.
Pictures formed themselves in my mind.
Pictures of Ellie or Ally. Pictures of Ami lying on the ground. Everything flooded back into my mind.
It suddenly all became too much, and I snapped my eyes open, and stood up.
I blinked, and in that short moment, either Ally or Ellie's face popped up in my head.
A whisper on the breeze, suddenly, that sounded like them.
I started to weep unconditionally.
I loved them so much, but something was missing.
I wanted Ally, no wait, I wanted Ellie.
I wanted it all back, everything.
I wanted to love Ally again.
I wanted the time before everything happened.
I wanted it all, all of it back.
I want to fall apart.
I fell down onto my knees, and sobbed.
"I want to die." I whispered through all the tears.
Something was missing, and I could not put my finger on it at all.
Something was missing.
I curled up into ball, and retreated inside myself.

When I opened my eyes again, it was dark. I got up, unsteadily, and trundled off home.
I wiped the tears of my face, and refused to think about it again.
But as I walked, onething kept nagging me.
I knew something was missing.
But what was it?

The End

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