I watched as Laura faded away. Wait...how was I watching?!?! Wait...why was she fading...?


Ethan whipped round. "Huh?" he said, tears on his face. He walked forwards, and touched the clothing just underneath my neck. I shivered a litle. His hand didn't go through me. He looked into my eyes, and gave a tiny, sad smile.

I shook my head in confusion, trying to decifer what was happening. Ethan slowly wrapped his arms round me...somehow. I could feel him shaking, most likely him crying, or me being cold.

It dawned on me. What Ethan felt. So alone, and pushed away, no one to speak to...apart from one. He could only talk to Laura. Now I was alone, pushed away, so cold, invisible to all except him....We knew each other's pain. That is why he still held me, despite being cold.

But why had I not faded, and Laura had?

The End

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