I called Ally back. She smiled, an reached her hand to me once more. I shook my head. "I want to be Ethan's Guardian. And Laura's.


"A spirit bound to this earth."

"Not possible."

"Then I'll go, and Laura can be Ethan's Guardian. He would be able to see her, talk to her..."

"Do you know why that charm was down there, and not buried with her body like it shoulder have been?"


"Her spirit took it with her, and let it drop into that lake. It was no accdident that she died. The man wasn't drunk. He had tried to hit her."


"That is why she bound."

"Damn it."

"If you leave, then she will become Etha's Guardian. She can talk to him, and her cam see nd talk to her. Come back here in one hour, after saying goodbye, and explain." And with that, she dissapeared.

I nodded to myself, and went to the hill where Ellie and Jerry were sat together. I watched their amazement as I dipped my hand into the little pond, making it trickle down my arm. I giggled as Ellie said 'Ami', and Jerry said 'Jade'.

"Goodbye." I whispered in their ears.

I moved on, finding Nick, then Julez, telling them I was going. I went back to Ethn's house.

"Ethan, are you awake?"

"Huh? Jade?"

"Come with  me. I need to show you something."

"*grumble* Do I have to??"


I led him out the house, and to the park, where Ally and Laura stood, side by side.

"I'm leaving, Ethan, so you can see and talk to Laura. she's your guardian. Goodbye. And good luck." I said, touching his hand. Mine was solid against his. I sighed, and kissed his lips lightly, before pulling away. I took the charm, held it high, letting it drop. Laura caught it, and touched Ethan's hnd, becoming mre opaque.

"Goodbye...Jade." he whispered. I took Ally's hand, smiling at her. and with that, we left, and everything went blank.

The End

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