I still remember the first day I saw Laura Mallory. Every tiny, insignificant detail, like it was yesterday. And now that she's gone, I treasure her memory even more.

It was my sophomore year, but they'd put me in freshman english, because of my "underlying issies". We were reading Romeo and Juliet. How ironic.

She'd transferred in late, having just moved here. She was far too smart for this class and its apathetic occupants, but the honors classes were full. So they stuck her in with the rest of us, a diamond among the coal.

When she walked into that classroom, half the guys nearly dropped dead. She was gorgeous: Flowing red hair, deep green eyes, a dusting of freckles across a perfect nose. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Not my type at all.

I'd never been that into girls. What was the point? None of them would have a freak like me.

But as fate would have it, cruel fate and her heartless sense of humor, the only empty seat was in the back, next to me. Laura half-smiled as she sat down. Her smile was contagious, and I returned it.

That smile. That beautiful, amazing smile, that could melt your heart and freeze it at the same time. That made you feel like you do anything, and at the same time made you speechless. That smile.

I miss Laura Mallory more than anything in the world. And today I saw her again.

The End

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