Guardian Angel

I shook my head to Ally. "I'm staying."

"Then you must choose one to protect."

"Like a guardian angel?"


I thought to myself. Hmm....who to go to? I smiled to myself.

"Is it be the guardian of a spirit and a human?"


"Ok." I didn't know who to go to. Jerry had Ellie, Nick had Julez, but who did Ethan and Laura have? Not eachother, since he couldn' t see her. But Ethan had murdered Ally...or had he?

"I will go to...Ellie."


"Well, she went into the gang a little late, and she doesn't know about me, or other things."

"Fine. You're looking after Ellie...but keep an eye out for Jerry too, ok? I feel Ethan's got something planned for both of them....Goodbye." she said, before drifting out of vision. I took Ethan's hand, and led him to Laura. She placed her hand onto his, and he shuddered.

"Goodbye, you two." I whispered, before drifting away. I saw Jerry and Ellie. I touched Jerry's hair lightly, making him look round, then drifted to Ellie's side.

The End

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